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Coaching and Consulting For the Entrepreneur, Organization, or Busy Person
Stephanie Licata, ACC
NYU & ICF Certified Coach


"Discovering Executive Producer has been one of the most impactful moments of the last two years.  I have been able to clear my mind of those nagging little tasks or projects that always held me down.  This has freed me up to focus my attention on the projects and activities that I am especially good at or that I just plain enjoy. The net result is much greater productivity in my life, much less stress, and an overall more fulfilling outlook on life.  The best part is that it literally pays for itself.  Rather than waste hours and hours on non-revenue tasks, I can use that time to continue to build my business, and the returns have been significant."

Philip Kiracofe, Founder Travelcology: combining adventure travel trips, and volunteering with corporate social responsibility to unite people, brands, and causes through travel.  

Are you One of these People or ORganizations?

You are an entrepreneur excited about building, marketing, or expanding your business.

 You are a small business or non-profit organization leader
 hungry for short or long term organizational development in the areas of management, marketing, infrastructure, team building, event & volunteer engagement, or planning for organizational change. 

 You are a busy person looking for balance, a career change, or a way to manage it all. 

COACHING is a self-directed process where individuals and organizations can begin to articulate and execute authentic goals to create sustainable positive change.

CONSULTING:  In today's economic landscape, tapping into creative and low-cost solutions to grow or increase your business success are in demand. Whether you are looking to organize and prioritize, develop marketing campaigns, or discover low-cost technology and web solutions, Executive Producer's services are a one-stop shop to help support or grow your small business or further the mission of your non-profit organization. 

"Working with Stephanie for three months was such a fulfilling experience. She provided me with insight and encouragement to follow what I believe in. I find that sometimes in life we may want to pursue a career path that does not necessarily follow the societal norms. During these times you may need a bit more courage. Talking with Stephanie provided me with that courage; she helped me see that as long as I believe in what I want to accomplish and actively take steps towards my goal, fruition is possible. There was never any awkwardness talking with her; she was very easy to speak to. Stephanie has a true innate sincerity about her that helps her to really understand people."

 ~ Jeannine Bush, MSW

Individual and organizational services provided can be done virtually or in person.

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